Do you have the misfortune?

There is a convicted criminal landlord in Edinburgh who regularly harasses and exploits his tenants, and refuses to do basic or even very serious repairs.

The fetid pustule himself – Mark Fortune

His name is Mark Fortune.  The name of his shameful letting agency is: 4m Ltd, or 4m Limited. Do yourself a massive favor, and don’t ever rent from this guy.  Tell all your friends to avoid him, and his properties.

Many tenants of his have had problems. He usually tells you ‘all bills are included’ in the expensive rent, although this is a lie. He pressures you to sign a contract which has unfair terms in it, without you getting a chance to read it. Deposits are never returned. The flats are in a very poor condition. Malfunctioning heating, no hot water, damp, collapsing ceilings. Mark Fortune or his colleagues will enter the flat without warning, and even go into your rooms without your permission.

He has been convicted of illegally renting out HMO’s without a license to do so; convicted of a breach of the peace for assaulting one of his tenants who was asking him to make some repairs; and he has recently been banned from renting out properties in Edinburgh, however he is appealing this decision currently so can continue to rent.

The wheels of justice are turning so very slowly, and meanwhile, he continues to break the law and exploit tenants. This blog was created to warn people, so that they do not get exploited like so many other tenants have.

These are the flats that we know about, so tell people not to rent from these. If you know of any more, please get in touch.

  • 20 Brougham Street EH3 9JH
  • 6/4 Lonsdale Terrace EH3 9HN
  • 18 3f2 Lonsdale Terrace EH3 9HL
  • 8 Bruntsfield Place EH10 4HN
  • 193/9 Bruntsfield Place EH10 4DQ
  • 40 3f2 Gillespie Crescent EH10 4HX
  • 13 3f1 Gillespie Crescent EH10 4HT

There will be more news and reviews regarding Mark Fortune within the next few days. Including, a post on how to get help if you are suffering from a Mark Fortune.